Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Timetable change for console competitions.

Gaelcon has always been about having fun and trying in include as many gamers as possible.
After several dialogues with those in the emerging fighter games community, we are happy to announce that the Street Fighter IV competition is being moved to the Sunday afternoon slot, with smash bros now taking the Saturday slot.
This means that those who are taking part in the SFIV comp at Lanparty.ie the day before now
have a weekend double header, will the same person win both competitions?
Will there be many grudge matches from the day before?
This throw down will happen in the Console lounge at Gaelcon on the Sunday and spectators are welcome.

The rules for the SFIV comp were also revised and now stand as

Street Fighter 4

A true successor to Street Fighter 2 has emerged at last!
Following some rather heated discussion the rules for our SF4 tournament are going to be:

Single elimination format.
Each match is the best of 3 sets.
Each set is the best of 3 rounds. Players may change character between sets.
All characters are allowed.
Players may use their own controllers.
Players may customize their key configuration before the match.
Pausing mid game results in a forfeit of the round by the player who pauses this, unless its agreed by both players to restart.
In the event of concerns about counter picking, double blind picking will be used.In the event of concerns about which side people are starting on a coin toss will be used to decide who gets which side.

Thanks to the mods of the fighting games forum on boards.ie for their help and to the organisers of Lanparty.ie for thier support.

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