Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Leaflets, leaflets everywhere but not a drop of ink....

Don't we live in a marvellous age?
It was in years gone by that those of us who were lucky enough to be able to adventure to our local games emporiums could try and pick up a copy of the leaflet for that years gaelcon. Some times alas such quests would fail or we would find the last one and be loathe to take it with us wanting others to read about what wonders and attractions would wait us come October.

These day we can deliver it to you right, here right now, in pdf.

Yes I know it's not the same as one you have picked up in store, folded and put in your back pocket to be warmed to your body temp and take on that certain curve, but you can always print one up, put it with your gaming books for a while and then stick it in your back pocket for a few hours if you really feel the need to.

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