Monday, June 15, 2009

Battle Tech Game 2:Bullet in the Blue Sky, Sat 20th June.

BattleTech is back at Gaelcon! This year marks the game’s 25th anniversary – making it the longest consistently published science fiction game, and we’ve got a series of events planned to satisfy everyone’s need for mechanical carnage.
Once per month between May and October, in association with the Dublin Games Guild and Models Inc we will be running a game from the Jihad Turning Points: Luthien campaign pack. This story-based campaign’s battles are well-suited to both introduce new players to the BattleTech game and universe and to highlight to integrated and scalable nature of the current rule set to existing ones. This will cumulate in an epic battle at Gaelcon itself using the new Quickstrike rules designed to allow for quick battles while retaining the feel of the more detailed core game.

The second game takes place on Saturday June 20th, starting at 12PM in Models Inc, 65 Upper Dorset Street, Dublin 1.

Game 2:Bullet in the Blue Sky
Dateline: 18 July 3069
18 months have passed since the battle at the Imperial Palace. The battle for Luthien has devolved into a three-way brawl thanks to the arrival of Word Of Blake - the technology-worshipping zealots who have sown chaos, confusion and devastation across the Inner Sphere!
Luthien Armour Works - the largest 'Mech factory in the Draconis Combine lies in ruins, blasted from within by nuclear bombs set by parties unknown. The forces still loyal to the Coordinator now camp on the edge of the radiation-blasted facility, awaiting their chance to push back. The Black Dragons, wanting to press their advantage have decided to attack the loyalist positions en masse, but have made one critical mistake - their path has lead them right into a Word of Blake salvage team...
This game will be played on a set of maps created specifically for the scenario, representing the nuked ruins of Luthien Armour Works, and will use the new Radiological toxic environment rules to represent the sheer danger facing the combatants.

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