Monday, May 11, 2009

BattleTec is back at Gaelcon.

BattleTech is back at Gaelcon! This year marks the game’s 25th anniversary – making it the longest consistently published science fiction game, and we’ve got a series of events planned to satisfy everyone’s need for mechanical carnage.

Once per month between May and October, in association with the Dublin Games Guild and Models Inc we will be running a game from the Jihad Turning Points: Luthien campaign pack. This story-based campaign’s battles are well-suited to both introduce new players to the BattleTech game and universe and to highlight to integrated and scalable nature of the current ruleset to existing ones. This will cumulate in an epic battle at Gaelcon itself using the new Quickstrike rules designed to allow for quick battles while retaining the feel of the more detailed core game.

The first game takes place on Saturday May 16th, starting at 12PM in Models Inc, 65 Upper Dorset Street, Dublin 1.

Game 1: Traitor’s Kiss.

Dateline: 1st January 3068

The Draconis Combine has long stood on the values of Edo-period Japan. A ruling class of Samurai and nobility above the commoners, criminals and unproductives; with the elite MechWarriors of the Draconis Combine Mustered Soldery standing above them all. But Coordinator Theodore Kurita has been making progressive changes – allowing yakuza and women to fight in BattleMechs, allying with their age-old enemies against the Clans, and generally bettering the lot of the common man and woman. Standing against him is the Black Dragon Society – a shadowy cabal of conservative samurai who want to return to the good old days.

Taking advantage of the confusion following the breakup of the Second Star League and the fanatic of Word of Blake’s subsequent attacks on the Inner Sphere, the Black Dragons have decided to strike, daring to foment rebellion on the Black Pearl of Luthien – capital planet of the entire Draconis Combine. Rebel forces have captured the Voice of the Dragon compound, giving them control over the network that feeds the people news and propaganda, and now they move against the Imperial Palace itself. Standing in their way is a small number of the Coordinator’s Bodyguards and other loyal samurai.

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